Privacy Policy

GPS Essentials is keeping your personal information save. This Privacy Policy helps you to understand what information we collect and how you can manage, export and delete it.

Type of information being accessed

GPS Essentials works with different kinds of information. Sensor data is information that GPS Essentials reads from device sensors. For example, these sensors provide your current location, the device's orientation, the current time and date, the air pressure, the battery level, battery temperature, and if you are currently charging, illuminance and IP address.

Location information is a key aspect of GPS Essentials. Locations describe a two-dimensional point on the earth's surface and an elevation. Locations can also have an accuracy associated with it.

GPS Essentials uses the current device's location using the device's GPS receiver or a location interpolated from Wifi and cell tower locations.

Some information is provided by you. GPS Essentials can attach photos taken by the device's camera and text entered by you to locations and store them.

Storing your information

GPS Essentials stores all information in a database on your device. You can change the storage location

Sharing your information

Personal data collected: Cookie and Usage Data. Place of processing: USA.